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We were delighted to have 4 Malaysian students and the Chairperson of the PTA of Methodist Boys School Kuala Lumpa from Malaysia visiting us from 4th December, 2017 to 18th December 2017. During their stay in Hong Kong, they were hosted by our students and had regular lessons with us in Methodist College. During weekends, our students and buddies also accompanied the Malaysian students to Ocean Park for sightseeing. It was a meaningful occasion for both our students and the Malaysian students. Let’s find out more about them from the sharing by one of the Malaysian students, Ku Jekai.
“Hello to my friends and teachers in Hong Kong! Hope you all are doing well. First and foremost, I would like to thank my school MBSSKL and MCKLN for organizing this marvellous exchange programme.
Hong Kong is renowned as the Pearl of the Orient. As I landed at the airport, I was very excited but deep down a little nervous because I didn’t know what would happen during the next two weeks. In fact, it was the first time that I left my motherland for this long trip all by myself.
I followed my hosting buddy Thatcher back to his home. We live in Whompoa Garden which is only a 10 minutes MTR distance from school. Public transports in Hong Kong is extremely convenient and foreigner- friendly. The signboard included multiple languages for local and people around the world. Though the transportation fee might be a little costly, you can basically travel all around Hong Kong with just public transportation. It is possible to live without owning a car in Hong Kong which is good for the environment.
This is an exchange programme for educational but more of a cultural experience to me. I found that Hong Kong people are very surprised when they found out we can speak Cantonese and Mandarin fluently. Actually I can’t speak Cantonese very well, but well I guess we overcame the barrier when we did attempt to communicate. I still managed to communicate with my classmates though most of the time because of mispronunciation, it just turned out to be a really funny situation.
I am delighted that I got to meet friends from overseas and truly understand the local culture by living with them.”
By Ku Jekai
  • Chew ZhiXuan with his buddies to Ocean Park
  • Having fun during Cookery lesson!
  • Riding on the MTR with buddies!
  • On a visit to movie appreciation in Festival Walk
  • A farewell picture with 3W
  • The Malaysian students with Ms Wong
  • Dallas having lunch with buddies
  • Dallas at the waterfront in Hong Kong
  • Having a relaxing time in Ocean Park
  • Jekai with Thatcher as his host family
  • 5B holding a farewell party for Jekai