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The Inter-Class Singing Contest was successfully held on 27th March, 2018. All F1 to F5 classes in Methodist College were given a chance to participate in this contest. Since the singing contest has not been held for 3 years, it was the first time for the junior forms to glitter their musical talents on stage.

A week before the contest, the campus was echoed with sounds of music and angels’ voices during reading time, lunch time and after school. Each class practiced very hard, trying their very best to put on wonderful performances on stage and hoping to bring an unforgettable performance to the audience.

Back to the competition, let’s talk about the awards. For the senior category, 5R was the winner with Champion, Best Performance in F5 and Best Action Award. 5B and 5W came second and third respectively. Moving on to the junior category, 1R was the winner with Champion and Best Performance Class in F1, followed by 3R and 3B respectively.

Each class was welcomed with cheers and applauses. When the competition began, the church sanctuary was full of surprises everywhere. Every class had their own performance style which often got the audience shocked and surprised. Not only did the students perform, some class teachers also participated with their classes in the competition. This made the atmosphere of this contest become lively. Some of the classes even carried with them their banners or other props such as balloons in order to give a more colorful and entertaining performance.

In general, this contest not only provided students with a wonderful place to show off their talents, but also offered pleasant memories to all students especially for those F5 students because they will sit for the DSE very soon. It gave them a great time to relax. It was also a golden opportunity to build up team spirit and love for our Mother School for every class.
By Marco Ng (3W)

  • Class teachers glittering on stage with their classes
  • Showcasing musical talents on stage
  • Hilarious performance of 5W
  • A memorable moment of team spirit for 1B
  • Ms Wong sharing her appreciation of the event
  • 5R as the champion stealing the limelight of the show
  • Ms Wong presenting the souvenir to the adjudicators
  • The appealing performance of 5R
  • 5B singing in unison with actions!
  • A wonderful moment to enjoy!
  • The engaging performance of 2R
  • What an enjoyable performance!
  • 1R as the champion of the junior form