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Fun Fair - the Glamorous and Gorgeous Day in Methodist College
By Bernice Chan 5W

The Fun Fair held in the morning of the 5th of November in celebration of the 53rd anniversary for Methodist College was surely an occasion to remember by all friends of Methodist College.

On the preparation day, all the committee members of clubs and societies were really working hard for preparing the game stalls for the Founders’ Day. Each game stall was beautifully decorated to showcase our creativity and versatility to visitors.
On Founder’s Day, the whole school was crowded with friends of our College including alumni, parents and guests from Methodist School. Visitors spent a wonderful time walking around in our campus enjoying different game stalls.

Here are some highlights of game stalls whose proceeds go to charity. The Student Christian Fellowship treasured the chance for raising money for our church through selling yummy home-made biscuits. Besides, the English Society sold many hot chocolate drinks to raise fund for the Operation Santa Claus, a charity event organized by RTHK and the South China Morning Post. It was great to hear that students are kind-hearted to donate money to help the needy through the game stalls. Other clubs and societies also did a great job and we could see that they all put a lot of effort to make the day a success.

The Fun Fair did provide a golden opportunity for students to showcase their talents in organisation, creativity and leadership skills. The day surely strengthened our bonding to the College.

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