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Event: HKMA Youth Development Scheme – Visit to Gold Coast Hotel
Organizer: Hong Kong Management Association
Date: 24th May, 2018
Time: 3:00 – 5:30 pm

Students’ Reflections:
3R Vivian Cheung, 3R Winki Cheung, 3R Elaine Lau, 3R Ashley Tao, 3R Eugenia Wong

We went to visit the Coastal Hotel, to learn about the facilities and jobs of hotel management. We learnt a lot on that day, and it really broadened our horizons. Firstly, the manager of the Human Resources department shared a lot with us. He shared about the facilities of the hotel, the venue used for different events, the restaurants with different countries’ cuisines, etc.

After that, we went into a hotel guest room, with a carnival theme. Inside the room, we saw many beautiful decorations, including fake popcorn and ice cream. There were other themes as well, such as ‘princess, ‘dinosaur’, etc. In addition, there is a water park for children to play in summer. From this, we have learnt that Coastal Hotel’s target customers are family with children, so much so that candies and toys are included in the guest rooms.

From the visit, we know more about the requirements of working in a hotel, such as good working attitudes, strong adaptability to communicate with different people, but a “smile” is the most important thing that we must have. Smiling can make customers feel more relieved and build a good image for the hotel.

This tour is not simply a hotel tour, but also a valuable opportunity to learn more about this industry. In order to fulfil all their customers’ needs, the hotel staff have to be prepared for all the possible situations. Therefore, division of labor is essential. The hotel has at least eight departments and assigns experienced workers to manage the whole team. Thus, they can face tough challenges easily. Employees there have many opportunities for promotion and welfare. This experience benefited our future career path planning.

We have learnt that it is important to find a job you enjoy and “No pain, no gain”. Working in a hotel is not easy at all, facing challenges every day, but one day we will find that we gain a lot for what we have paid.
  • Group photo in the Gold Coast Hotel
  • Hotel introduction by Gold Coast Hotel
  • Theme room – Carnival
  • Students explored the theme room
  • Group photo in the Gold Coast Hotel