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On Friday, 4 May, all of Methodist College’s Form Four students took part in the annual “MCMS (English) Activity Day, at Methodist School (MS). Groups of students designed, built and ran their game stalls, encouraging the students at MS to take part and have fun. For the first time this year, there were teachers from the Mathematics and Science Department, helping students to run game booths with a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) focus. In addition, a team of students helped the youngsters pass the time while waiting for their turn, by playing different iPad app games with them. Below are some of the MC students’ reflections on the experience:

Q: How do you feel about visiting Methodist School, as a student of Methodist College?

I felt great that I can have a chance to make a game booth with my groupmates and play with those kids in Methodist School. They were cute and polite as well. ~ Hailey Mak 4R (12)

I felt happy and relaxed. The students played happily and confidently. Their smiles really cheered me up. ~ Kenneth Chan 4R (19)

I feel that I grew up more; because many little kids came up to me and I had to teach them English. In addition, I felt very happy when the P1 and P2 kids came into the Hall, they ran and spread themselves around so quickly, and it was funny. ~ Alexander Loi 4G (19)

Q: What have you learned, in doing this community service?

How to speak gently to the pupils, since they may misunderstand us, or misinterpret words in our game, like ‘Austria’ versus ‘Australia’. ~ Vivian Lee 4G (08)

It is necessary to speak in English, for this activity. We do not have many chances to use English to communicate with others in our daily lives, so this can improve our English speaking skills.
~ Oliver Yu Yuet 4G (30)

Q: Do you think you have done a good job?

I think that my groupmates and I did a good job. We cooperated and collaborated well with each other. For example, Erica, Jodie and I helped explain the rules to the students, while Rachel and Rita helped to pick up the balls when the students threw them. However, there was still room for improvement. ~ Alby So 4W (12)

Yes, because when my teammates and I played our game with the MS students, we found that the queue was very long and we needed to play faster. Therefore, we changed the instructions of the game and solved the problems. ~ Bosco Chan 4R (18)

Q: Do you think you were confident enough to use English to communicate with the pupils?

Yes, because I was elated while I was playing the iPads games with the Primary pupils!
~ Yoyo Shing 4W (11)

Yes. However, some children may not understand English and I had to use simple language to communicate with them. ~ Fion Li 4B (07)

I tried my very best to use a British accent, speaking very fluently and slowly, so that they could understand, and projected my voice so that they could hear, me. ~ Vincent Wong 4W (29)
  • Hailey explains her game stall to a primary student.
  • Nicole and Jason help the primary students to play the game.
  • Sunny reads the instructions for his group’s game.
  • Locika and Chole answer a question about their game.
  • A student has a chat with Arlene Lam and Pinky Chu of 5B.
  • Joseph has many students keen to play on the iPad!