CAREERS: Admission Talk - St. John’s College (within the University of Sydney) ‹ BACK

One of our graduate students, Leung Sum Yi, is now attending the University of Sydney. She belongs to St. John’s College. Through her connection with our school and St. John’s College, on 4 May, 2018, we invited the Director of Community Relations for St. John’s College (within the University of Sydney), Mr. Grant Birse, to come to our school to give an admission talk to S5 students. He introduced the backgrounds of the University of Sydney and St. John’s College. He also introduced the admission details and scholarships provided by the college. He talked with S5 students about their desired subjects to study at the university and their future careers plan.
  • Group photo of S5 students, Ms. Joanne Ho and Mr. Grant Birse
  • Souvenir presentation to Mr. Grant Birse by Ms. Joanne Ho