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The 1st Methodist Cup Dodgeball Competition was completed successfully in 24 March 2018. It was organized by our school and Sha Tin Methodist College and co-organized by Greenery Sports Dodgeball. The competition aimed at providing more opportunities for our Dodgeball Team members to enhance their skills level and to learn from others.

Congratulations to our Boys Dodgeball Team, who received second and fourth place in Secondary Schools Boys Junior Division and Secondary Schools Boys Senior Division respectively and Girls Dodgeball Team who received third and fourth place in Secondary Schools Girls Junior Division and Secondary Schools Girls Senior Division respectively.
Congratulations to our Dodgeball Team members!

The team consists of the following students:

1B Lo Sze Wai
1B Lo Tsz Ching Dorothy
1G Cheung Wing Yin
1G Moy Nok Sze
1G Chan Ka Wing
1G Chiu Tsz Ching
1G Chow Hei Ting
1W Lau Wing Yan
1W Lee Wai Yee Hannah
1W Feng Si Man
1R Kwok Melody
2G Sin Cheuk Yiu Karina
2W Lo Yan Ling Charis
2W Yeung Yan Ki
4G Tam Sze Yuen
4R Leung Yee Ching
5G Pang Yeuk Lam
5W Wong Wan Lam

1B Wu Ka Yin
1B Yuen Tin Hang
1W Ip Wing Pak
1W Lam Chun Yin
1W Wong Man Yiu
2B Lo Yan Lok
2B Ng Chun
2B Wong Chi Hang
2G Wan Chun Hei
2W Tse Tin Mong
2W Fong Kam Hei
3W Ho Kin Yeung Johnnie
4R Hui Chi Hang
4W Tsang Kwong Chun
  • Each game starts by “Jump ball!”
  • Competition etiquette
  • Competition etiquette
  • Coaching during each match
  • Defending- straight line form
  • Debriefing after each match
  • Boys Junior 1st runner up
  • Mr.Yeung (STMC), Mr.Lam (Lions), Mr.Chan (CCH) & Miss Lai (MC)