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On 18 April 2018, thirty-three S5B students joined the Business-School Partnership Programme: Company Visit cum Careers Talk to the Strategic Public Relations Group (SPRG). The founder and Chairman of SPRG, Mr. Richard Tsang, gave a Careers Talk to our students. Students learnt about the work culture and job opportunities in public relations (PR). Student also learnt about the related courses that suit students who want to study or work in the PR field. At last, students had opportunities to tour the SPRG office.

Students’ Reflections:

5B (10) Li Wing Tung
From the talk, I have known more about some careers, most notably public relations. I have learned about the career branches of this job and I was amused that there are so many types of PR, including marketing and business, etc. Also, it was useful to know what major and minor subjects would be better to choose in university, if I want to have a PR career in the future.

5B (17) Wong Pui Yan
We visited the 24th floor of the company. We got to know the function and the rundown of each department. We listened to Mr. Tsang’s talk. We learnt the value of judgement. The talk from Mr. Tsang was really motivating and encouraging. He talked about how he set up the largest company from a small business. From his talk, I have realized how to pursue my dream and promised myself to work harder and insist on doing everything for myself.

5B (21) Howard Cheung Yau Ming
Mr. Tsang’s office has many different trophies and achievements, ranging from developing his company to his personal goals. SPRG does corporate social responsibility (CSR) work, like organizing community events on a regular basis. Language is an essential criteria to be in PR. Having only a TV drama to compare, I have realized that PR is totally different from my expectation and reality.

5B (33) Wong Tak Ching
The vision of the company is “We Care, We Connect, We Contribute”. SPRG has several achievements, like 2219 beneficiates, 36 community events and 1308 service hours. Community partners include Hong Kong Airlines, Wan Chai Methodist Centre for seniors, SAHK, etc. They organize some CSR community events. I think that we should contribute more to our society from some voluntary work or community services, because we are all citizens of Hong Kong. In addition, I have learnt more about the industry of public relations, including the qualifications, and different positions in the company. Moreover, I have gotten to know more about what a PR company does.
  • Group photo of students with Mr. Tsang, the founder of SPRG
  • Careers talk given by Mr. Tsang
  • Souvenir presentation to Mr. Richard Tsang by Ms. Joanne Ho
  • Mr. Tsang brought students to tour the SPRG office and his own o
  • Group photo of students & teachers with Mr. Tsang in his office