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Event: S3 Sharing: Love Rabbits, Love Animals
Theme: Love Rabbits, Love Animals
Date: 23rd April, 2018
Guest speaker(s): Ms. Karina Lam
On the 23rd of April, we were very delighted to have Ms. Karina Lam, our Careers Teacher, to give a talk. She shared the stories of her two rabbits and how to take care of them.

Ms. Lam shared with students that at this period of time, close to Easter, it was the peak period of animal abandonment. She wished students could be more concerned about this issue. She told students to think about what they could do for the animals. Students could adopt them if they would like to keep a pet. They could also tell others to adopt animals. Students could also do voluntary work in animal shelters or for associations like The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). Ms. Lam reminded students to love animals and never hurt them.
  • Ms. Karina Lam shared with S3 students.
  • Ms. Lam talked about the Hong Kong Rabbit Society.