2018 A Cultural Experience to Cowlyn Bay ,Wales, United Kingdom - Immersion programme in Rydal Penrhos School ‹ BACK
At Methodist College, we always venture outside our comfort zone and explore the world. This year, Karis Ng from 1R, Kelly Chan from 1G, Isaac Chung from 2R and I went on the 2018 immersion programme trip to Wales, from 17-2-2018 to 4-3-2018, for an advantageous experience in Cowlyn Bay. We studied at Rydal Penrhos School with year 8-10 students. We had a great experience immersing ourselves into British culture by having lessons with them. All of us have met new friends, broadened our horizons and created some unforgettable memories throughout this trip.

Rydal Penhros school is a divergent place with students gathering from different places. All of the students were very friendly and helpful. They helped us find the classrooms we should go to whenever we were lost in the enormous school campus. Moreover, they had an active learning attitude in the lessons, asking lots of deep questions related to the topic. They not only learn for their exams, but also for the sake of knowledge.

Aside from the fruitful school life in Rydal Penrhos, we also had a fantastic cultural experience in the boarding house, 'Edwards'. We experienced different cultures from different countries, as the boarding house accommodates many people from different nations. We joined the arranged activities with the boarders, such as going to the water-park. It was great fun!

This immersion programme to Britain has indeed broadened our horizons and also brought us life-long memories. We would like to express our gratitude to some people who helped us a lot during this trip. Firstly, thank you to our principal, Miss Emily Wong, for providing us such a precious chance to explore outside of our comfort zone. Moreover, we would like to thank our English teachers Miss Wong and Miss Sparrow, for organising this trip. Besides, we would like to thank Mr.Benny Li, our leader, for bringing us to the U.K. and Miss Earle, our house parent, for taking good care of us and solving our problems in 'Edwards' house.

You will never know what is happening outside Hong Kong, by just reading books. Try to venture out of your comfort zone as the rewards that you get afterwards are totally worth it. Why shouldn’t we all 'have a go' and see what is currently happening in different parts of the world?

By Jessie Luk, 3W
  • With the principal of Rydal Penrhos School, Mr Smith
  • The buddies and us
  • Sightseeing at Chester
  • We were enjoying the meal
  • Our students on the way to school
  • Look how beautiful the school is