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On Tuesday, 6 March, 64 students from the 2R and 3R classes attended a performance of “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”, presented by local theatre company AFTEC. This was Methodist College students’ second time to attend an AFTEC show, the first being “Franky” in 2017. As the title suggests, the drama is based on the novel “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”, by Robert Louis Stevenson, published in 1886. The novel, described simultaneously as a thriller, mystery and horror, provides many opportunities for dramatic scenes. Although the script was very different from the novel our Form 2 students have read, the performance our students saw did not disappoint.

Below are some reviews:

I especially like the part when Dr. Jekyll killed Emma. I know the novel is about murder, but what I liked is that Dr. Jekyll struggled before he killed Emma. To kill, or not to kill? I actually felt shocked when he killed Emma, as they were friends and she just wanted him to change. However, the desire for power often leads to a loss of conscience. ~ Hazel Fung 2R (06)

The show was beyond my expectation, but one thing that impressed me most was the sound effects and the backstage crew. The sound effects were very suitable. The backstage crew was professional and they managed to change the scenes smoothly and quickly. ~ Angie Wong 2R (24)

My favourite character from the show is Dr. Jekyll. The reason why I admire him is that he has a very perky and expressive face, to show his inner changes. This helped me to immerse myself in the show and keep up with the acting. ~ Terrence Ma 2R (29)

The theme of the drama is the part I liked the most: the debate of ‘nature versus nurture’, which I am quite interested in. [Jekyll] was affected by the ways people looked after him, the things that happened in his life and the way his parents treated him. It shows that evil Jekyll was not born evil he becomes evil. ~ Justin Zhang 3R (32)

I enjoyed watching the performance because their acting skills were ‘on point’, which made me feel it was real. ~ Eugenia Wong 3R (26)

My favourite character from the show is Emma Crawley. Although she was killed in the show, the brilliant, excellent acting of the performer impressed me a lot. ~ Issac Ng 3R (31)