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On 26th February 2018, twenty-two S3 and S5 students attended an Accountancy Workshop, co-organized by the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (HKICPA) and the Institute of Vocational Education (IVE). Through their participation in the workshop, students learnt about the work culture and job opportunities in accountancy. Moreover, IVE also introduced the related courses that suit students who want to study or work in the accountancy field. Students also had opportunities to tour the HKICPA office. All these activities provided golden opportunities for students to learn about the accounting industry.

Student Reflection:

3R Chan Ho Wing Janice
Being an accountant is not just about being accurate, but also being presentable. Besides, we also need communication and social skills. I was told that 51% of accountants are women. After studying BAFS and entering university, it takes around 12 years to become a manager. I learnt that studying BAFS and graduating from university are just the basics. If I want to be more competitive, I need to attend professional exams. To be the manager of an accountancy firm, not only do I need to be good at accounting, but I also need to have a variety of skills.

3W Chan Tsz Ling
In doing these activities, I know more about accounting. I learnt the path towards being an accountant, as well as the job prospect of accountants. I learnt how to plan my career path if I want to be an accountant, such as what subjects I can choose in university, things I need to prepare, etc.

5G Ho Kiu Kwan Giovanna
I learnt that being an auditor is a professional job. Not only doing calculations, they also need to be familiar with other knowledge as well as communication skills. I need to work hard, in order to become a qualified accountant or auditor.

5G Lam Wing Man
I learnt what personalities and skills I need if I want to become an accountant or auditor. Also, I have learnt the career path to be a qualified accountant or auditor. Also, I understand more about the daily operation of an accounting or audit firm and the workload of accountants. I will try to achieve the requirements of becoming a professional accountant or auditor.
  • Students toured the HKICPA office.
  • Group photo of speakers, HKIPCA and IVE staff and teachers.
  • S3 and S5 students joined the Accountancy workshop together.
  • Students participated in the games and won a prize.