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Our school has participated in the Smart City Project 2017-18. We are delighted to be informed that both two teams of our students have passed the first selection. On 3 February, 2018, it was the STEM Education Day Camp Briefing Session cum Kick-off Ceremony. Our students joined the event.

Through their participation in the event, students learnt about the Smart City and STEM concepts in Hong Kong. The ceremony consisted of seminars talking about the blueprint of Hong Kong Smart City, and how to design a Smart City sustainably. Students could learnt and get some ideas for their Smart City Projects. Besides, students played an interaction activity using their tablets and smart phones. One of our students, Yeung Yat Hei, Given has got the outstanding prize. All those activities provided a golden opportunity for students to learn about the STEM education.
  • Students of our school Smart City Project Teams.
  • Students participated in the interaction activity.
  • Yeung Yet Hei, Given got the outstanding prize of the interactio
  • Students got opportunity to learn outside the classroom.
  • Seminars about Hong Kong as a Smart City.