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On October 3rd and 10th, the annual Sports Day was held in the Sham Shui Po Sportsground. As the piercing hot rays of the sun beamed down on each cheering house, dazzling red, blue, green, orange, and yellow colours burst into sight in the spectators stands.

Before the Annual day started, the ceremonial grand march, flag hoisting and school song were held. In her opening speech, our principal, Miss Wong, hoped that students would give more attention to and encouragement of the days’ events with their cheering. She added that students should participate more and serve in the sports events. Our school’s parish worker, Mr. Johnny Tang, gave us encouragement by mentioning the importance of a house - “The House is more than house, it is where people can construct a sense of belonging, friendship and memories.” After these inspiring words, the sports days were declared open by Principal Wong.

The two-day event was blessed with sunny weather, ensuring that each competition was carried out smoothly. A wide range of sports events, ranging from high and long jumps to sprints, hurdles and relays, were successfully taken part by our schoolmates.

After all the exciting competitions, our honourable guest, Ms Elise Ng, who was on the Hong Kong Squash Team before, gave us an unforgettable speech. The message was short, yet vital--success does not depend on the starting point, but the attitude. Using her past as an example: she was considered a late learner, when it came to playing squash. Nevertheless, she never gave up and eventually she became an international squash player on the Hong Kong Squash Team. Her story really encouraged our students to focus on their bright future.

At the prize-giving ceremony, it was announced that the best cheering prize went to Orange House, for the first time in many years. Congratulations to Orange House and all the prize winners. Each house did strive to do their very best, in both cheering and partaking in different sports events. Finally, our memorable sports days were ended with grateful prayers, lead by Reverend Lo.

Sabrina Wong 5B
Chloe Tang 5B

  • Principal Wong marked the event a start enthusiastically
  • Runners strived the best to perform themselves on the track
  • The competitor leapt on the red fields to his full capacity
  • Our students were proud about being awarded sports honours
  • The Yellow House was united as one and cheering for championship