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On 20th November, our school’s Red Cross Team partnered with the Hong Kong Red Cross Blood Transfusion Unit to hold an annual blood donation in our school lower hall. Having many students and teachers participating in this meaningful event, we were proud of the good deeds they had made.

Many first-time donors mentioned that they felt super goosey before starting their blood donation because of the needles. They also felt ‘breathless’ and weary during the procedure. Despite everything, they soldiered on and became heroes to someone, somewhere, who received their gracious gift of a hopeful life.

In this day and age, many people always wonder what they can do to have a meaningful life. The answer is simple. Donating blood is the finest gesture you can make to save people’s lives so as to share love and hope around.

Wong Sze Ling Sabrina 5B
  • Smile of satisfaction from our students after blood donation
  • Mr. Chan participated in this meaningful event!
  • The procedure was done!
  • Keep up with the meaningful work!