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As laughter and glee of the 59th Anniversary celebration faded, the evening light marked the last event of Founders’ Day—The Prize-Giving Ceremony. The Ceremony started at 2.30 sharp by a dual group of MC, Stephanie Ng and Matthew Kwok. It was special this year—the ceremony took place in the lower hall, but thanks to the preparation of our staff, it was as enjoyable as in the past.

The ceremony continued by a list of Religious events. To start off, the notes of our college hymn swung beautifully as audiences stood to sing. The hymn was then followed by a Welcoming Speech by Dr. Raymond Chen, who is the school Supervisor. He talked about the excitement of witnessing the college’s growth and how it proudly nurtured whole-person pupils. The Deputy Head of Schools Education Division, Mr. Leung then gave the congregation a Scripture Lesson of II Peter 1:3-15, which gave us an important reminder of qualifications we shall bear for life. Reverend Lo then had a Sermon with us, echoing the Scripture and put us into deep reflection. Mr. Leung led us into a prayer as a perfect conclusion to the scripture.

Principal Wong then presented the School Report, in which she analyzed school’s performance on academic achievements and on extra-curricular activities. It showed that the school had significant achievements on nurturing students. It was a great honor to have Ms Lo, who is the Chief School Development Officer (YTM) of EDB to address. She mentioned a story of a boy stepping on a dog’s dung, lingering on it ruined everything he did since then. It told a valuable motto that we should not linger at something that doesn’t deserve so much attention; instead we should care for the path beyond us. After the speech, the presentation of scholarships, souvenir to Guest of Honour and presentation of Long Service Awards to Staff took place. The most exciting event was the coronation of Graduates for 30, 40 and more than 50 years. It was like a miracle witnessing alumni of different generations gathered in the lower hall. It was the legacy of Methodist College.

Before the ceremony came to an end, there were musical performances by the School Choir and Orchestra which were astonishing. The performances ended with the familiar College Song. As the night gradually fell, the Ceremony also came to an end with a Benediction by Reverend Kan.
By Tang Yee Ting Chloe (5B)

  • Our guest of honor with prize winners
  • Our principal Ms Wong with Ms Sito
  • The heartwarming coronation of MC alumni
  • Scholarship winners for teachers
  • Our supervisor Dr Chen giving a speech