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Event: Careers Sharing: Artist - Mr Brian Yuen
Theme: Never a Pipe Dream 敢「夢」敢「想」
Date: 18th December, 2017
Guest speaker(s): Mr. Brian Yuen
On the 18th December, we were very delighted to have Mr. Brian Yuen, an artist, to hold a careers sharing. He told students that being an artist is never a pipe dream which was also the theme of his talk.

Brian shared his story how to chase his dream. He told students to choose what they love to do because they could do better doing things they are interested in. He encouraged students to learn a variety of things because they would never know when they would need that knowledge.
  • Artist – Mr Brian Yuen
  • S6 students enjoyed the sharing
  • Souvenir presentation to Mr. Yuen by Ms. Wong, our principal
  • Movie: Our Days in 6E