R-Class Enrichment & Gifted Education Activity: Footloose the Musical ‹ BACK
This year, the 2R class and 22 students from the Gifted Education programme watched Renaissance College’s production of Footloose on 13 December. This musical, from the hit 1984 movie of the same name, tells the story of Ren McCormack, a teenager from Chicago who’s moved to a small town in the middle of nowhere, where dancing has been outlawed since the tragic death of Reverend Shaw’s son. Ren and Ariel Moore, the rebellious daughter of the Reverend, and all their friends decide to fight the law against dancing, resulting in a funny, touching and electrifying musical.

Below are some reviews of Footloose:

My favourite character from the show was Ren McCormack, as he was such an energetic actor and his character was well-developed. The actor playing him was responsible and passionate: during the intermission, I saw him practicing behind the scenes!
– Alisha Wong 3R (25)

I especially liked the idea of using lighting on the performers while they’re off-stage: it made me feel like I was inside the show itself.
- Roger Chui 5R (24)

Everything about this musical was beyond my expectation, but one thing that really impressed me was the backstage crew. They changed the scenes swiftly and silently. As a member of the backstage crew of the Chinese Drama Team myself, I learned a lot from their performance.
- Iris Tsui 4R (14)

The actors in the show were so brave, to kiss each other in front of an audience before they are adults!
- Issac Chung 2R (26)

I learned from this musical that we need to talk to people with our hearts and a good attitude, in order for them to listen or accept our ideas.
- Jessie Luk 3W (12)

I watched The Snow Queen last year, and then I thought I had witnessed the definition of “Oscar level”, but on Wednesday I realized that I hadn’t seen anything yet.
– Bryce Chan 2R (25)

My favourite part of this musical was the dancing, especially while they’re defending their freedom. It showed how brave they were, fighting for their rights, but the performers were really enjoying themselves in every dance.
- Ceci Leung 2R (15)