R-Class Enrichment Activity: Aladdin the Panto ‹ BACK
Last year, our junior form R classes had the opportunity to watch some English language drama productions, including the Hong Kong Players Christmas pantomime, The Snow Queen, and Franky, AFTEC’s adaptation of Mary Shelley’s gothic novel Frankenstein.

This year, the 1R class watched the Hong Kong Players production of Aladdin on 8 December. However, this production was not like the Disney movie at all! Instead of being an orphan, Aladdin had a twin, named Wishy Washy, who worked at the laundromat owned by Aladdin’s mom, Widow Twankey, who was played by a man. Aladdin was played by a woman. Confused yet? Well, don’t be, this is a British Christmas pantomime tradition, a fairy tale production held throughout the U.K. for the month of December, filled with sweets for the children, political and adult humour for the ‘bigger kids’ and fun for the whole family.

Below are some reviews of Aladdin:

My favourite part of the show was when Minnie Ring Slave was singing ‘A Whole New World’ and a member of the backstage crew walked onstage after she sang two lines, carrying a sign that read, ‘Copyright! Sorry Disney.’ I laughed so hard at that moment.
-Emsley Tsui (15)

This is the first time that I can watch a drama in a theatre, and this drama has given me great surprises! I was amazed that I could take photos with the actors after the show. I hope I can have a chance to watch a drama again!
- Alice Lam (07)

My favourite character is Azkaban. He always made jokes about Hong Kong in the Panto. He was evil, but impatient at the same time. When the ring slaves tried to tell him about the plan, he didn’t listen and did his own, terrible plan. He was very funny.
- Linus Wong (27)

I really appreciated the costumes that the characters wore. They made the characters more attractive and interesting, which made the show so wonderful.
- Paco Yu (32)

The songs they sang were perfect. There were many pop songs, including Maroon 5 and One Direction. They sang just like them. Bravo!
- Hayden Yeung (31)

I liked everything about the pantomime, but the thing I liked most about it was the dancing. The dances were all well-choreographed. The choreographer must have put a lot of work into the dances, which I appreciated very much.
- Melody Kwok (05)