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(1) Alumni Sharings - Ms Elkie Chu and Ms Yodia Lai

Date: 12th September, 2017 and 17th October 2017
Time: S6 Morning Assembly
Venue: Lower Hall
We were delighted to have two alumni – Ms Chu Man Yee Elkie and Ms Lai Long Yiu Yodia - to come back and give a sharing to S6 students, regarding their path to university, on 12th September and 17th October 2017, respectively.

While Elkie was a graduate of class 2013, Yodia has just completed her secondary education this year. Both of them are now students of Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

However, Elkie’s path to university was a bit different from Yodia’s – she was first admitted to an associate degree, and upon graduation, successfully transferred to a bachelor degree and started her study in social work. Therefore, during her talk, aside from giving a brief description of social workers’ working context, she also focused on introducing the path of entering university from associate degrees, which hopefully would open students to more choices in furthering their study.

As for Yodia, who comparatively had a more stable path, she mainly shared some study tips for DSE exam and concluded some key points of JUPAS interviews from her own experience. With the information she provided, it is hoped that students may have better concepts of how to prepare for their exam, as well as their own path to university.

Both sessions received positive feedback from teachers and students. We dearly thank Ms Chu and Ms Lai, for sparing the time to deliver their inspiring and heart-filled sharing.

(2) Alumni Sharing – Ms Miko Mak

Date: 22nd November 2017
Time: S6 Morning Assembly
Venue: Lower Hall
On the 22nd November, our alumna Miko Mak, who is a graduate of the class of 2017 (Yi Shen), came back to give the S6 students a sharing session, regarding the course she is studying now.

Currently as a nursing student in Open University Hong Kong (OUHK), she gave some valuable insights regarding the nursing programs offered in Hong Kong.

Starting with a brief description and explanation of nursing courses in general: for example, the differences between general and mental health nursing, the programme content and some possible career prospects. She then suggested a few personal qualities to be a nurse, so that students may re-consider whether they should choose the programme as one of their choices for JUPAS, and thus see whether or not they suit the occupation. Another focus of her sharing was to show the comparison between the nursing programmes offered by OUHK and Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Poly U). Other than some general information, she also presented the uniqueness of the courses provided by the two universities. With her informative report, it is hoped that students could understand the values held by the universities better, and thus, be able to choose the one that is more suitable for them.

Before finishing her sharing, she gave some thoughtful JUPAS tips for students who are interested to choose a nursing programme in their future study.

Once again, we were delighted to have our alumna to come back, and spare her valuable time to provide some advice for her younger brothers and sisters. We dearly thank her for her earnest sharing.
  • (1a) Alumni Sharing: Poly U - Social Science
  • (1b) Ms CHU Man Yee, Elkie
  • (1c) Ms Lai Long Yiu, Yodia and the Principal
  • (2a) Ms Miko Mak
  • (2b) Ms Mak giving her speech
  • (2c) A photo of Ms Mak and Mr. Lam, our vice-principal