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ESF Design Day: A day that allows students to have the opportunity to learn and design together
by Carrie Leung 4B

This year, our Form 4 Visual Arts and Form 5 Design students were invited to join an activity for the first time, namely the English School Foundation (ESF) Design Day, on 31st October, organized by Renaissance College in Ma On Shan. Fifteen VA and Design students, accompanied by our NET Ms. Sparrow, joined the event. The day held a lot of lifelong learning opportunities for Hong Kong students, with the support of Hong Kong’s design and business community.

To begin with, each of us needed to register ourselves in three workshops, using the SCHED web platform, according to our particular interest and skillset. This was a new experience for me, as usually all outside activities and schedules are arranged for us.

The first workshop I chose was ‘The Business of Illustration’. The speaker, Ms. Tanya Bennett, shared lots of her work experience and problems she faces as an illustrator with us. She mentioned that the deadlines for every job are stressful for her, as she usually needs more time for brainstorming. Also, she gave one very important tip, which was to use computer software to draw your illustrations, since the person who has hired you will have many corrections before the final product is accepted.

Besides this, I joined ‘Working with Venues, Brands and Artists to Create Successful Events’. I learned the process of creating a brand for a music festival from the speaker, Mr. Paul Thompson. He was an informative speaker. He taught us that choosing suitable sponsors is very important, as each can get something meaningful from the other.

The last workshop was ‘Experience Sharing of Working in a Startup Game Company’, given by Mr. Dave Cheung. He introduced the structure for starting a game company and clearly explained how the game designer, programmer and game artist all work together, along with some difficulties they may face.

All in all, the ESF Design Day provided us with a golden opportunity to widen our horizons. Students felt the passion and innovation of every designer present that day. In addition, it’s essential for students to be aware of the different types of careers within the field of design. It will definitely help me to equip myself with the skills and capabilities I need, in order to advance in the future.