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On 27th April, 25 students, myself included, from the English Drama team , went to the 2017 EMI Drama Fest . The competition was a valuable experience for us and we greatly enjoyed it.

Our show was a musical called Thirteen, adapted from a Broadway musical of the same name. Its theme was about the struggle of teenagers as they are growing up. It was just the right musical for us to perform, as all of us are teenagers, facing different difficulties in our real life. We even added some of our personal experiences to the script, in order to make it more realistic. Before the competition, we really put lots of effort into practicing. We originally planned to dance during the finale of our musical, but after we timed our performance, we found that it would overrun the allotted time if we included it, so we had to cut it from our performance. What a pity! Anyway, we then focused on the acting.

Apart from our own performance, we also watched the performances from the other competitors. We learned a lot from them. For example, one school performed a drama called Kite, with only four actors. I had never thought that a drama could be that simple, and yet so meaningful. They really impressed me and won the Outstanding Creativity award. Nevertheless, a dramatic script from Maryknoll school, reflecting the social situation in Hong Kong, won the Outstanding Performance award . Watching these great performances helped us to understand more about our own acting techniques. What's more, our team won the Outstanding Teamwork award, which affirmed our efforts.

In this competition, not only could we learn acting techniques, we also established a very good friendship with our groupmates. All of these are lessons that cannot be easily gained from our daily school lives. We are all grateful to have this golden opportunity to join this competition.

Cindy Tam 4B(13)