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From 30th June to 4th July, the school orchestra, the school choir and some student helpers went on the 2017 Taiwan Music and Cultural Exchange Trip in Taipei.

Our main objectives in this trip are to enhance our knowledge on the cultural aspects of Taiwan and have a deeper understanding of different types of music. Even though the weather was not always good, we were still able to enjoy music with the elderly, attend an eye-opening saxophone concert, have a joint performance with Chansontpe Youth Orchestra and Chansontpe Elementary String Orchestra, and last but not least, have a singing lesson with Mr. Chu who is one of the most famous vocal teachers in Taiwan. We are amazed by the different types of music displayed in different parts of Taipei. We found that music is not only in concert halls, but also on the streets, which is not very common in Hong Kong.

For the cultural side, we were able to learn some historical facts associated with Taiwan during our trips to different museums and ancient streets. For example, we learnt about the foreigners who brought new medical technology to the island and the traditions that the indigenous residents of Taiwan had. We learnt much about Taiwan's past, which all sounds fascinating to us.

The trip has given us a chance to broaden our horizons and cooperate with others better. We will cherish this experience and the things we have learnt.

5R Law Wing Yan Stella
  • A warm welcome from the musicians&dancers in the elderly centre
  • “3plus1 Saxophone Quartet” at National Theater and Concert Hall
  • School orchestra & choir with Chansontpe Youth Orchestpe
  • Singing workshop conducted by Mr. Chu Yuan Lei
  • We enjoyed our day trip in Pingxi