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We four girls were honoured to have the golden opportunity to take part in the 2016-2017 UK Immersion Programme. Throughout the whole journey from 20 June to 5 July, we had immersed ourselves into the fruitfulness of the British culture through various activities such as being exchange students and boarders of Woodhouse Grove School (WGS), and exploring different cities in the UK.

It was pleasing to participate in lessons which are diverse and interactive. Not only did we enjoy learning outdoors with field trips, but there were also a lot of experiments in class that brought us into the depth of knowledge. Some of us even took up an extra elective which was English Literature. Also, the enthusiasm of students and the helping hands of teachers are features of British education which we truly appreciate. We met some great companions on the path of learning. We were lucky to have met friends all around the world ranging from Europeans to Asians like us. They were all very helpful when we stumbled around the school. Being able to study at a totally different place was indeed an eye-opening experience.

After a week of active learning, we had a day off on Friday. Mr.Vernon, who is a teacher at WGS, took us out to a gorgeous little town - Leeds. This trip provided us a chance to get to know more about the ancient and modern mix of British culture. Moreover, a date with Mother Nature was definitely one of the most remarkable experiences. During our free time, we had a picnic with Mr.Maud and a French teacher on some amazing hills and neared the stony cliffs. The great sceneries and extravagant views done by God came into view.

Another highlight of the trip is our participation in the making of the school’s 60th Anniversary documentary. Honoured to be part of the Methodist community, we can experience something unprecedented by visiting some old members of Methodist College. During our three-day trip to Skipton, Portsmouth and London, we had interviews with different nice people including Dr. Hollingworth, a former English teacher of Methodist College, and Reverend Senior, a former supervisor of the school. We enjoyed the reflective dialogues with them a lot and learnt some life lessons.

Not only did this trip help us become more independent and mature individuals, but it also widened our horizons and allowed us to step out of our comfort zones through meeting new people, experiencing the British culture from its very bottom and earning unexpected and incredible rewards. We would like to thank our principal Ms Wong and all the teachers who made this trip became a reality.

4B Sabrina Wong, 4B Chloe Tang, 4B Pinky Chu and 4W Kelly Wu
  • We went to Skipton with Dr. Hollingworth and his wife
  • Reverend Senior and his wife gave us a warm welcome
  • We had a light-hearted one day trip in London
  • Our teachers and classmates at Woodhouse Grove School