2016-2017 End of Term Service cum Graduation Ceremony ‹ BACK
Time flies but memories remain. It was the last day of school on 10 July, 2017. We attended the Graduation Ceremony and End of Term Service from 2:30 pm to 5:00 pm in the sanctuary. Our supervisors in 2016-17, Dr Raymond Chen and Reverend Lo, Ms Yip Mei Han, our Long Serving PTA Chairperson, the principal, parents and students all participated in the ceremony.

The ceremony was prepared by all F.6 students, ranging from being a helper to designing the house programme and being MCs. It seemed that it was a conclusion of what they have learnt and done in the previous 6 years. It was heartwarming to teachers and parents.

First, we all sang the school hymn. After that, our principal, Miss Emily Wong, gave us a speech about this year’s theme: Be a Blessing to Others. Our principal also appreciated that we fulfilled the mission she gave us at the beginning of the term: be a modest and knowledgeable person. Our principal admired students in the school, not only for performing well in academic results but also for being talented in other areas. Schoolmates continued to received prizes and trophies when participating in competitions this year, in the music and speech festivals, debating and so on. It proved that when we pay effort, we get success and a round of applause.

Then, our Reverend Lo Wai Ki gave us a sermon. He encouraged F.6 students to overcome failure bravely. He gave us courage by sharing a quote from the Bible. Then, Reverend Lo presented certificates of graduation to the F.6 students. They walked to the stage, received the certificate and took photos with Reverend Lo. Some of them were moved to tears, but all of them were looking forward to their future. Then, it was the time for F.6 students to present their vote of thanks to the principal, teachers and parents. A video which captured their memories and happiness over the years was shown. All of them have their paths to go on, have their dreams to reach for and goals to achieve, but the memorable school life would be remembered by each student forever. The end of the school life at Methodist College marks the start of a new chapter in their lives.

Last but not least, Dr. Chen Chung I and Ms. Yip Mei Han presented prizes and awards to students who excelled academically and in extra-curricular activities. To conclude, Reverend Lo led us in a prayer and the ceremony concluded with the wonderful performances of the choir and the whole congregation singing the college song.