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From 10/4 to 23/4, 24 students, myself included, went on the 2017 Canada Leadership Training Programme to Vancouver, Canada. The trip was a meaningful experience and we greatly enjoyed it.

During our trip, we had the chance to mingle with people of different ages and ethnicities. First, we went to Fort Langley, where we had the chance to speak with some First Nation people, who are the indigenous people of Canada. Then, we went to Shawinigan Lake School, and had the opportunity to communicate with local and international students of our age in an English lesson. After that, we talked with officials and local people during different activities, for example we did some household rubbish sorting at a recycling centre, which required us to communicate with the local staff. Last, we had the chance to enjoy a meaningful Sunday with some young people from a Vancouver church. All of these moments expanded our knowledge, enhanced our English proficiency, and let us do various things that we don’t have the chance to experience in Hong Kong.

Apart from our fruitful schedule, we also had enjoyable evenings with our alumni at our hostel. They were caring and considerate, and helped us a lot. They helped with the organization of most of our activities, which not only made our trip go more smoothly, but also gave us a chance to see many spectacular sights in Vancouver. We were really thankful for all the things they did for us. Enjoying the comfortable weather, beautiful sights and diverse cultures in Canada, we broadened our horizons, which was something better experienced than read about.

In the trip, we faced many hardships, but with more communication and the cooperation of everyone, we overcame our problems and learnt so much, as we became more open-minded to different opinions. As leaders, we have to put aside our differences and work together to achieve our goals. All of these lessons cannot be easily gained from our daily school lives. We were grateful to be able to have this valuable time to experience leadership with all the people who helped us in Canada.

By Rachel Liu Wing Chin 5R
  • Thanks to our alumni for such a plentiful dinner
  • We built strong cohesion among each other