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Our Form 5 students learned an invaluable life lesson in the Struggle for Survival Simulation Programme hosted by Crossroads Foundation on 11 May and 19 May.

This simulation allows participants to step into the shoes of those in poverty. Participants, grouped into family units, must eke out an existence by making paper bags out of newspaper and home-made glue. Each family must earn enough to pay for rent, food, sanitation, medical needs and, if they are fortunate, education for one of their family members. Those that cannot make it end up in the hands of a loan shark.

Though our students could not escape from the fate that awaited them - losing their shoes, watches, cell phones and more in order to feed their families, they all agreed that the programme gave them food for thought.
  • Students listen attentively to the briefing of the facilitator
  • Students have no time to lose to make their paper bags.
  • To survive, students have to put their dignity aside and beg.
  • Students give up their valuables in exchange for food and rent.