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As a part of the current module about dogs in the Stellar Programme, Form 2 students were paid an unforgettable visit on March 25th, by two special guests who playfully showed us the fun and joy of keeping pets.

Miss Richardson's, two Canadian bred Shih Tzus, 6-year-old mother Dutchess and her 4-year-old daughter Priness, in the accompaniment of their nanny, Miss Ria, were an unexpected, yet very pleasant and heart-warming surprise for us. Through learning about the two lapdogs, seeing their collection of toys and accessories and having the opportunity to approach and play with them ourselves, their contagiously care-free and playful nature quickly helped many of us overcome our fear of dogs and sparked our interest in these adorable and gentle animals. Not only were they a hit in the Stellar lessons but eventually throughout the entire school.

Besides building our enthusiasm and care for animals, this unique opportunity was also a large step outside the solid frame of conventional teaching. It has given us a wonderful experience and two new friends we all look forward to seeing again.

Zhi Liang Fang
  • Dutchess et moi at school
  • Ria and Warren with the girls et moi
  • Great Stellar teachers!!!!
  • Students with the girls
  • I want a puppy!
  • Princess in class with me
  • I like the boys, mom
  • D&P2B
  • Tired after teaching two classes!
  • Boris's Academy for Dogs
  • D & P with Miss Wong