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The Voluntary Service Team organized two visits and one gift collection activity recently.

The gift collection activity was successfully held from 20/3 to 27/3. It was a whole school activity, aimed at helping the needy people in Hong Kong by showing love and support to them. We have collected 100 gift boxes and all of them have been donated to the event Peace Box 2017.

The Voluntary Service Team provided service to the elderly living in Shum Shui Po. There were 17 students who participated in this activity. The activity aimed at broadening the horizon of students, so that they can better understand the needs of the elderly in Hong Kong, especially those who live alone. Our students served the elderly at the Hong Kong Christian Shun To Church (Mongkok) by assisting in preparing lunch for around 80 elderly people. During lunch, our students had a chance to communicate with those they served. The elderly and our students both enjoyed the conversation.

The Voluntary Service Team organized a visit in March to the elderly on Cheung Chau who live alone. There were 30 students who participated in this activity. They were divided into 5 groups and visited 20 elderly people in total. Each group was accompanied by one elderly volunteer to walk around Cheung Chau and visit an elderly person’s home. Our students listened to different stories from the elderly and knew more about the way of life in Cheung Chau. They learned how to communicate with the elderly and the importance of cherishing the time with their families. Apart from visiting, they made Ping Au buns themselves. They all enjoyed the time on Cheung Chau.

  • 100 gift boxes were donated to Peace Box 2017
  • 17 volunteers served the elderly at the Hong Kong Christian Shun
  • Our students assisted in preparing lunch for the elderly.
  • 30 students visited the elderly at Cheung Chau
  • Our students made the Ping Au bun.