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A Workplace Visit was successfully held on April 11, 2017. On that day, 36 students from Form 3 to Form 5 visited the Hong Kong International Airport in Chek Lap Kok. The visit consists of a presentation on HKIA, a look at the exhibition about the airport's current and future development, and a tour of airport facilities.
During the visit, a representative of the HKIA delivered a presentation to our students. It was about HKIA's role as a gateway to the world, its contribution to the sustainable growth of Hong Kong's aviation industry and economy, its daily operations, its future development plan, and employment opportunities. Students will also relish the opportunity to learn more about all the green initiatives that have been implemented at the airport, eg. Energy and Carbon Management such as electric vehicles, Waste Management such as food waste and recycling.
Also, students had a chance to visit the Skydeck in Terminal 2 and the carpark for the electric vehicles. The visit provided a chance for students to broaden their horizons on the nature of the aviation industry.

Students’ feedback
Wong King Sang 3B (30)
I have learnt about the third runway and the forecast about what the government is doing for the reduction of carbon dioxide. The HKIA provides a good atmosphere for the passengers and lets passengers have a great experience in the HKIA.

Au Tsui Yan Maggie 4B (1)
Some staff introduced a lot of information about HKIA to us, such as the daily operation, development, etc. This information helped me a lot for planning my future, since my dream career is being a flight attendant. After I joined this visit, I have learnt more about my future working environment and also discovered how well the HKIA has done globally.

LEE Chun Ying 3G (8)

KWAN Cheuk Lun Otto 5R (25)
  • Group photo
  • Briefing session in Press Room
  • SkyDeck
  • Photo taken at SkyDeck
  • Electric vehicle
  • Food waste recycle