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Our numbers are in and we are proud of ourselves! This year more students became involved in raising funds for Operation Santa Claus and as a result, we almost doubled last years donation amount! As caring Methodist College students we are happy to say that through all of our fundraising efforts we donated a hefty 13,000+ dollars to Operation Santa Claus! We are happy that we contributed this money so that less fortunate people who have greater needs than us will be able to have an improved life.

Cheers to Our Success with Operation Santa Claus.

Operation Santa Claus is always the most welcomed event every year for the English Society. As in the previous two years, our school participated in this meaningful and festive event organized by the SCMP. We came up with three activities to raise money after our society held several meetings: selling chocolate marshmallows on our Founders' Day (Anniversary of our school), selling chocolate gift boxes in December and circulating donation boxes during our morning reading period.

On our Founders' Day, 6th November, our society set up game stalls and a counter to sell chocolate marshmallows. We provided a chocolate fountain machine for students to make their own chocolate marshmallows. It was a very successful event. Our stall was always crowded with lots of students and visitors! It was a tremendous encouragement for us since we sold all our marshmallows in no time and everyone had a fun. Thanks to the warm-hearted chocolate lovers!

We also organized a chocolate sale in December. A generous sponsor supported our campaign with 300 pieces of chocolate in 6 different flavors! The chocolate was sold out in 20 minutes mostly due to the great help and the great effort of our society committee members Yo Yo Chan and SOMEBODY . They did very well in promoting the event! We would also like to thank our fellow schoolmates who showed their enthusiasm to our OSC event! A big hand to you all!

The circulation of donation boxes was also a successful event this year. Not only did our students put money into the boxes, but many of our teachers proved themselves to be positive role models by doing so also! It doesn't matter how much money they put into the boxes since the gesture to contribute to Operation Santa Claus already shows their love and care to the poor in society. I used to feel that Hong Kong students were unmindful of others and maybe even self-centered because of their material life; however, I witnessed the beauty of love and care after I took part in this significant event. I realized Hong Kong students are not that cruel and selfish. Moreover, I experienced wonderful happiness after I successfully helped the needy.

Big applause to all committee members of the English Society! They have been banging the drum for the events and made the whole fund-raising campaign this year an unprecedented success. Also, thanks to the students of Methodist College. Your spirit of giving really touched us! We have done beautifully!

Kitty Cheung
Chairperson of English Society,
Methodist College
  • Winning Art Designs used for our Christmas post card sales.
  • Members getting ready to sell their gourmet chocolates