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From 17th of January to 18th of January, I went with all F.1 students to an adventure camp in Yuen Long. This was an unforgettable camping trip, from which I learnt a lot.

The most memorable thing on this trip for me was the rope climbing. It was the first time for me to do such an exciting activity. I needed to climb very high with a rope. Although I got some gear, such as a helmet to protect myself, I was too frightened that I dared not to climb up in the first five minutes.

I learnt lots of things from this meaningful camp. While we needed to be physically prepared, we also needed to be mentally prepared. Physically, we really needed to train our body more often, because to do sports you need a lot of energy. Mentally, ‘no man is an island’, so my friends always encouraged me when I was climbing the ropes. Mutual support is always very important, for example, when we do revision together in tests and exams.

Another thing that I learnt was sportsmanship. Before climbing the ropes, I thought it was too challenging for me, but I tried and did my best, so at last I was able to finish. Now, I think it is just ’a piece of cake’. As long as we do not give up, we will be successful!

‘There’s no place like home.’ I was really tired after the camp. I slept for twelve hours, once I was back at home, dreaming of rope climbing and adventures with my friends.

1R To Wing Ki (14)
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