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It was the time of the year again when we celebrated the founding of our school in our 58th Anniversary and Founders’ Day and Prize-Giving Ceremony on 5th November 2016. Throughout these 58 years, Methodist College continues to uphold its position as a school which provides quality education to generations of students. This is a day ought to be remembered by all.
After our principal Miss Wong delivered her welcoming speech, we were honoured to have invited Prof. Mak Wing Kai Stephen, our school manager, to give us a scripture lesson. Then, our school's Chaplain, Rev. Lo Wai Ki, gave us a sermon. He reminded us the meaning of our school name – “Tsun To”, which means to “follow the road ahead of us”. There may be dangers ahead, but our belief will lead us to success with light at the end. A prayer was given after the sermon ended.
Next, our principal, Miss Wong, gave us our annual school report. She mentioned that we continued to maintain excellence in both internal and external activities, in both getting good results in DSE exams, and winning prizes from external activities such as debate and speech and music festivals. Then, Prof. Cheung Yan Leung Stephen, BBS, JP, our guest of honour gave us an address, which reminded us to be aware of our surroundings, especially in an age like this, when information is easily accessed. He advised youngsters to stand firm but not to change their views easily just because of social media.
Next came the climax of the day - the prize presentation ceremony. Scholarships were presented to students with outstanding performances, and awards were presented to 13 teachers winning Long Service Awards. The presentation ceremony was certainly the most breathtaking part in the ceremony, with students cheering and shouting their teachers’ names. The most heartwarming moments came next with the Coronation of graduates for 30, 40 and 50 or more years. A blue scarf was presented to them as a gift of gratitude to show the school’s appreciation and its everlasting support to them. After that, our school choir and orchestra performed dazzling musical items to entertain our guests, with the pieces ranging from choral songs to movie theme songs. The ceremony ended with the tradition of the college song and a benediction by Rev. Kan Kei Piu.
It was certainly a heartwarming ceremony, and a delightful moment for us to remember. We look forward to such a warm reunion with friends of the college again next year!
By Thatcher Wong(4B) and Roger Chui(4G)

  • What an occasion to remember!
  • Principal Wong delivering the welcoming speech
  • Rev. Lo Wai Ki delivering the sermon
  • Guest of Honour, Prof. Cheung Yan Leung, giving his address
  • Presentation of Scholarships to outstanding students
  • Presentation of long-term service awards to teachers
  • Coronation of Graduates
  • Choir performance near the end of the ceremony
  • Orchestra performance near the end of the ceremony
  • Rev. Kan Kei Piu giving the benediction
  • Students praying during benediction
  • Teachers winning a new scholarship for further education