Methodist College is always a second home to her students. What is more jovial than having all Methodist hearts of different generations, sitting in the soothing arms of the alma mater, sharing memories of the old days? This year, the annual homecoming event- the alumni dinner was held in the covered playground and the lower hall on 5th November, 2016.
The event was kicked off with the presentation of the work of Alumni Association. Financial reports and current situation of the Association were presented by Mr. Wong Shan, the president of Alumni Association.
Followed by a lucky draw, the alumni got excited and became more engaged in the event.
After the school song was sung, the election of Alumni School Board Members was held in an overwhelming applause.
The event came to an end with a short clip made by our alumni: funny moments, photos and memories. All were very precious and heartwarming to see. As time went by, Mr. Wong Shan finally led a prayer to bless the alumni. Though the event had ended, but the strong sense of bonding with the College will always linger in the heart of all our beloved friends.

By Thatcher Wong(4B), Sabrina Wong(4B), Chloe Tang(4B) and Kelly Wu(4W)
  • Come and take a nice shot!
  • Alumni having a nice, warm chat
  • The covered playground was full of laughters and warmth.
  • The Form 6 girls were having a great time.
  • Interview with Form 6 students
  • Tung Sheh graduates having a great time!
  • Kwong Chung Ting, a 2009 graduate
  • Lee Wing Sum, a 2005 graduate
  • Ms Yip Mei Han from the Parents-Teacher Association
  • Interview with Mr. Chin Ming Yuen
  • Interview with Mr. Wong Shan
  • An alumnus won a prize from the lucky draw.
  • Having a pleasant chat with Ms Mo Hoi Ling
  • Say “Cheers”!