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Last Saturday, 15th October, 2016, all Form One parents and students attended the Form 1 Growth Celebration Ceremony at Methodist College, to mark the start of our secondary school life. First, our vice-principal, Mr. Lam Pak Nin, gave a touching speech, to encourage us to express our love to our parents. Afterwards, we saw a lively video about what we did in different lessons. I was thrilled about it.

Then, we went to our own classrooms to present lovely and touching speeches of thanks to our parents. I was the first one to present my speech to my mother and father, so, I was a bit scared at that time. During the speech, I tried to relax, in order to release my pressure. Surprisingly, my parents enjoyed my wonderful speech. I thought they were touched. We took a great photo together too.

Some of the students were overcome with emotions. When they read out their speeches, they burst into tears. Though embarrassing, those touching and precious moments they shared with their parents clearly moved them too, since their children made such genuine speeches.

Then, we gathered at the Lower Hall to sing a meaningful song about our Lord. During the activity, we realised how gracious our Lord is. After that, our parish worker gave us an inspirational speech about our Lord. Surprisingly, my teacher asked me to read aloud two scriptures on the stage, as the student assigned to the job was absent. Although I didn’t read very well, I was brave to take up the challenge. I was pleased about my performance.

At the end of the service, we made a wish for our future, by dropping a card shaped like a water droplet into a time capsule, which will be opened upon our graduation. To mark the end of the ceremony, we had an unforgettable photo with our class teachers, our principal Miss Wong and our parish worker, Johnny. I think we will have an extraordinary and a memorable time together in Form One!

It was such a spectacular and fantastic Form 1 ceremony at Methodist College. Truly, I enjoyed it very much!

By Jason Chan 1R
  • Welcoming Speech by Vice-principal
  • The touching session "Milestone of My Life"
  • Student expressing gratitude to parents
  • Students making their wishes
  • Blessing for our F1 students
  • Lovely 1B class
  • Lovely 1G class
  • Lovely 1R class
  • Lovely 1W class