A Milestone for Graduates and Highflyers – 1516 End of Term Service cum Graduation Ceremony ‹ BACK
Stepping into summer, the season marked the end of the term as well as the graduation of Form Six students. The 2015-2016 Graduation Ceremony and End of Term Service was held on 11th July 2016 to officially announce the end of the year and to commence the summer holiday ahead.
The ceremony was not only a farewell to the graduates, but also a reward to prize winners who had made efforts throughout the year. To begin with, our Principal, Ms. Wong delivered the opening speech. She praised the graduates for contributing to the events by partaking in various roles ranging from emcees, pianists to receptionists. They made themselves the master of the family event. She also addressed and encouraged students to achieve two main goals in the summer which are being grateful and walking with Jesus. It is inevitable to face ups and downs in our life. Nonetheless, we should always be thankful and Jesus will be our good companion through the way. Sending her sincere blessings, she wished our Form Six graduates good results and a fruitful life in the future. The ceremony was followed by a sermon given by Rev. Lo, who inspired us more on definitions and guidelines on success. Always should we enjoy the process and find the meaning in whatever we do. We should not only merely equip ourselves for new challenges, but also develop a macro perspective through which we can see great things around us and become successful.
Then, it was the time for presentation of graduation certificates and awards. After six years of school life in Methodist Colleges, graduates have evolved to become mature and independent adolescents. The pieces of certificates they received witness their growth and their fond memories of the campus life that nurtured them to be who they are. The end of term is a time to say goodbye to the senior, but also a time to reward students who have excelled themselves in different aspects both internally and externally. After that, the ceremony has reached its climax. Student representatives delivered their heartfelt and touching speeches to thank their alma mater. It ended with the last loud and united slogan shouted by every Tung Sheh graduate.
After the benediction given by Rev.Kan, the ceremony was ended with a melodious and innovative musical performance by the choir. The short Monday afternoon has concluded the year but also marked the start of the holiday. Let’s make good use of the summer time and wish our gradu-ates a satisfying results and a blossoming life ahead.

Kelly Wong 5B
Rico Tang 5B
  • Emcees of the Ceremony
  • Principal Wong shared useful advice with our graduates
  • Reverend Lo gave us a sermon
  • Vote of Thanks by the F.6 class representatives
  • Cheering leaders of graduates of Tung Sheh
  • Gifts from our graduates to Miss Lau
  • Principal Wong presented certificates to our graduates
  • Principal Wong and our graduates at this precious moment
  • Reverend Ken presented trophies to the prize winners
  • Reverend Ken and our outstanding student
  • Principal Wong shared the happiness with parents and graduat
  • The school choir gave us a great performance
  • Reverend Kan and our excellent prize winners
  • Principal Wong shared the happiness with parents and graduat