2016 A Fruitful Trip to Singapore – Immersion Programme in ACS ‹ BACK
My 3 fellow classmates Batsy Choy, Nicole Yu, and Twinky Yuen and I in 2R joined the 2016 Singapore Immersion Program organized by the English Department from 24/7 to 6/8 for a life-changing experience in ACS International. We studied at Anglo-Chinese School (International) with the year 3 students and we are pleased to say that we returned with more than we expected to learn and we can’t wait to share some of our best memories with you.

In ACS which is an international school, interactions with people is one of the most crucial things ever. It doesn’t only help us with our academic life but also build a stronger bond with the people around us. Through talking with our buddies and sometimes, our classmates, we learned to see things in a new perspective. We also noticed that students there paid immense attention in classes and were not afraid to ask questions when they encountered difficulties. They inspired us to improve ourselves in not only our academic lives but also as better people.

We also had a fun time watching the Inter House Girls’ touch rugby and Boys’ Basketball competition and Barrett Music competition .The spirit of unity to support their houses was astonishing. We also had the honor to enjoy the National Day celebration, which was boisterous.

It has been a privilege to go to ACS (International) to experience all these things. We would like to thank the ambassadors, for helping us out at ACS (International) and accompanying us to different scenarios of Singapore, Miss Jasmine Teo and Ms. Koh , the teachers- in- charge and Mr. Burrough, the principal, Mr. MacLean, the vice-principal and the teachers at ACS( International) for being so kind and considerate to us. Last but not least, we are grateful to Mr Chu for taking care of us on this trip.

In these mere two weeks, we’ve learned so much, but there’s one thing that matters the most: we’ve learned to step out of our comfort zones and be bold to embrace new adventures. The world has so much to offer and explore!

By 2R Beverly Law
  • First day with the ambassadors, Mr. Burrough and Miss Jasmine
  • Batsy doing experiments in Biology lesson
  • Batsy and Nicole in Biology lesson
  • My buddy and I with the Physics teacher and classmates
  • Wings of Time, the outdoor night show we watched
  • Time to say goodbye on the last school day
  • The Anderson Bridge
  • At Merlion Park