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From 21/6 to 5/7, Stephanie Kwok (5B), Harry Tsui (4B), Matthew Kwok (4R) and I went on the 2016 Immersion Program to the United Kingdom. We enjoyed our 15-day trip in Yorkshire and studied in Woodhouse Grove School (WGS) with year 12 students.

Mainly experiencing the school life at WGS during our stay, we were able to attend electives ranging from Psychology, Religious Study to Business Studies, which we couldn’t take as an elective in HK. Though we just attended the lessons for a short period, it was already an eye-opening experience for us to learn something we didn’t have a chance to experience before. What impressed us most was not only the enthusiasm and attentiveness of students during lessons, but also the kindness and helpfulness of teachers.

Besides the fun-filled school life, we also enjoyed our time with Mr Vernon, the head of boarding house, and Dr. Hollingworth, a former English teacher of Methodist College. Thanks to the warmest welcome from the two teachers and their wives, we were able to stroll around Leeds and spend a wonderful day in Skipton. Enjoying the splendid scenery and having nice chats with the teachers, not only did we widen our horizons, but we also polished our English proficiency, which was undoubtedly one of the best parts of the trip.

The trip has transformed us into more independent, courageous and most importantly, more mature individuals. The big decision of stepping out of our comfort zone at the initial stage brought us unexpected and incredible rewards.

5B Kelly Wong
  • Mr Vernon gave us a warm welcome
  • We went to Skipton with Dr Hollingworth and his wife
  • Stephanie and I with our Business class classmates
  • Harry and his Geography teacher