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Our Form 2 Inter-class Drama Competition Grand Final was successfully held on 11 May. F2 students never disappointed us and brought us great performances again with their creativity and team work. This competition allowed students to combine their English skills with dramatic flair. The theme of the performance was ‘extreme weather’. All students went through a series of trainings on script writing, stage direction and movement, acting in the language art lessons. With the help of Ms Sparrow and other F2 English teachers, all students formed their own groups, developed their scripts and showcased their talents in the class-based competitions.
One group from each class successfully made it to the Grand Final to compete against each other.

Thanks to the English teachers, Ms Jasmin Tsui and Ms Sparrow for being the adjudicators.

Results of the grand final are as follows:
The Best Props and Costumes: 2R (Batsy, Arlene, Esther and Hugo)
The Best Script – 2R (Batsy, Arlene, Esther and Hugo)
The Best Performers – 2R (Arlene and Hugo)
The Best Overall Performance –2R (Batsy, Arlene, Esther and Hugo)

Congratulations to all the winners!