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On the 9th and 10th July 2016, five students from Form 5 joined a challenging and meaningful activity----a Model United Nations conference, which was organized by Sha Tin Methodist College. This activity harnessed our diplomatic skills and helped foster our analytical thinking.

Representing Albania, Ethiopia, Mongolia and Qatar, four of us spoke on the issue of LGBT rights at the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC). As the delegate from Greece, the other Form 5 student discussed stem cell therapy at the World Health Organization (WHO). After doing lots of research on our topics, we not only were required to give an opening speech of our position paper in the conference, but also free to debate, vote, compromise on and draft resolutions. We have learnt to express our views confidently and respond to other delegates immediately. This was a very worthy activity to join, which benefitted all of us.


As I was required to debate and give speeches and comments in front of other delegates, I have had the opportunity to become a more confident and valiant person. This was a brand new experience and precious chance for me to examine my relationship with the world. After participating in this activity, my sense of global citizenship has been greatly enhanced!

5B Bertha Wu

Participating in the Model United Nations 2016 for two consecutive days, it was a fun-filled yet meaningful experience. Before going to the conference, I barely had a clear idea of what I would say or do. After partaking in it, I have discovered the joy and excitement of debating and quickly responding to the points of the opposing block. Though I was nervous while delivering my speech, I still found it satisfying to successfully and publicly defend my country’s position, as well as the position of those countries aligned with me, on stem cell therapy. Overall, regardless of whether people were speaking or listening to other delegates, it was a memorable and worthy experience. I definitely enjoyed stepping out of my comfort zone and trying something new.

5B Kelly Wong

Through this competition, I discovered that it isn’t easy to be a delegate in such a conference. I learnt more about the topic of LGBT rights, by discussing and sharing my opinions with other students. Apart from knowing more about LGBT rights, I also gained a golden opportunity to enhance my English writing skills, by writing a position paper, preparing an opening speech and drafting a resolution. As a delegate, representing a specific country, we not only needed to look deeper into an issue, we also needed to show courtesy to others. It was definitely an unforgettable experience for me, participating in this two-day activity.

5B Sammi Ho

Having had the opportunity to participate in the Model United Nations conference, I got to know more about the processes and procedures within the United Nations. With more than forty delegates in attendance, we tried our best to speak for our country. Apart from that, I have also gained a better understanding of LGBT rights. Through the Council meetings, I also became more aware of other countries’ views on, as well as their religious beliefs towards, this issue. Through the discussion of the different motions raised by other delegates, I learnt to think with a wider perspective, with the view to come up with a consensus. All in all, this event was undoubtedly a precious and meaningful memory for me.

5B Christy Kwan

As a History student, I have always wondered about the United Nations conferences. Thanks to Sha Tin Methodist College and my dear teachers, I was given the opportunity to participate in the Sha Tin Methodist College Model United Nations (STMC MUN) Conference 2016, which made my curiosity a reality. As the delegate of Mongolia in the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), I had to prepare a position paper and give a speech in front of a large group of delegates, which significantly boosted my confidence. Moreover, I realized that it is not an easy job to maintain peace and harmony in the world, without the concerted effort of countries across the globe. What is more, I was inspired and enlightened by the idea that respect for others was the key to the success of this two-day conference, not only during the discussion of the issues, but also the activity as a whole.

5B Myra Fong

  • Christy Kwan gives her opening speech
  • Bertha Wu explains Ethiopia’s position on LGBT rights
  • Myra Fong makes a formal appeal, to garner more support for LGBT
  • Kelly Wong makes her case for supporting research on stem cells
  • Sammi Ho joins other delegates in an unmoderated caucus