Form 1 Reader’s Theatre Competition – A Delight to Watch ‹ BACK
The F.1 Reader’s Theatre’s Competition is the most interesting and meaningful event which remains vivid in my mind. This activity enriches our skills a lot, like speaking fluently and writing a high quality script. I am grateful that I could be one of the participants in such a thrilling competition. I would like to take this opportunity to whole-heartedly thank our English Language Arts teacher, Ms. Sparrow, who patiently gave us pieces of advice and plenty of encouragement during the practice and training sessions and our English teachers for organizing such an eye-opening event for us.

This competition was held in the Student Activity Centre (SAC) on 19th May. It was crowded with schoolmates, teachers and adjudicators. The competition was started off with a brief introduction of Reader’s Theatre. We also watched highlights of the performances in each class before the competition.

The process of determining who would be the final winner was really complicated and was a demanding, if not tiring, journey. At the very beginning, group leaders who were good at English or students who were attentive during LA lessons were chosen. We were given some topics to work on. Then, we were told to write creative and interesting scripts for the inter-class competition during Easter holiday. What came next was rehearsals and script editing during LA lessons.

Of course, the climax was the class competition. All the groups tried their best to present their topics and perform the drama. Ms. Sparrow had to choose the group with the best performance and the best script in class. It was not an easy task at all. All classmates put great effort on polishing their scripts, revising their intonation and so on. We were so engaged that sometimes we even forgot our lunch boxes.

On the day of the final battle, each class had their representatives to fight for the glory. I really enjoyed watching others’ performance as I could learn quite a lot and then improve myself. I was so impressed while others were presenting with a confident voice. Some created meaningful and appropriate plots which successfully drew the audience’s attention.

All of us were waiting eagerly for the prize–giving ceremony --- the most exciting moment. After Mr. Tang had given us some concrete inspiring comments with plenty of encouragement, he was invited to be the guest to help give out awards for different groups from different classes respectively. In each class, 3 prizes were awarded, namely, the Best Overall Performance, the Best Script and the Best Book Cover. The hall was full of joy and appreciation. Then, the climax of the competition came. It was the prize presentation for the Best Script and the Best Overall Performance in the whole form. Both awards went to IW. Congratulations to the superb group which stole the limelight of the show.

This competition is extraordinarily fantastic. It reinforced our learning of proverbs or idioms as many of the groups made use of them to work out the themes of the scripts. I learnt what Reader’s Theatre was with detailed description and plenty of examples. Although our group did not enter the final, I treasured the chance to stand on the stage and to perform in front of schoolmates. There was no doubt that it was a valuable experience for us. Through this competition, I realized that two heads are better than one. We surely work faster when we work together as a united team. As the old saying goes, “no gain without pain”. Surely, it wasn’t plain sailing in the process, but I gained precious friendships.

Surprisingly, we got the prize of the Best Script in class. In short, the event has been one of the most incredible experiential learning activities that I have ever had. Thanks Ms. Sparrow, English teachers and schoolmates!
By Jason Lee 1R