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On 29th February, 57 people, including our Principal, 4 alumni, 4 teachers and 48 mentees from Form 4 and Form 5, joined a fruitful and meaningful workplace visit to Jetta Company Limited in Nan Sha District, Guangzhou, (鎮泰(中國)工業有限公司廣州市南沙區廠房), which was organized by our school’s Mentoring Programme and Jetta Co. Ltd. Special thanks to our alumni, Zoe Wong, co-general manager of Jetta Co. Ltd, and Kenneth So, C.E.O. of Capable Toys Ltd, who facilitated this visit.

Founded in 1977, Jetta Company Limited is a leading Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) in the toy industry. As a world-class manufacturing capacity provider, Jetta comprises a complete set of in-house machinery and equipment utilities for OEM processes. Jetta is able to produce and deliver large volumes of finished goods to customers and business partners, within a short time.

During the visit, students were divided into 3 groups, in order to visit the Production area (動力生產區), the Exhibition area (珍藏展覽區) and the Living area (綠色生活區).

To care for their employees’ well-being, Jetta has set up a free on-site counseling service. The counselors are all Hong Kong registered social workers. To cater for the learning and growth of their employees, they have a library and have set up “on-the-job” training and a free evening school. Communication channels such as Jetta monthly newsletter “Jetta Voice” were established. Facilities such as a clinic, dormitory, canteen, sport facilities, recreation facilities, library, etc. were also set up so as to provide a homelike atmosphere for their employees. All these programs and services impressed us very much!

The following are the reflections-‘Impressive Learning Experience’ from our mentees.

4B (2) Chan Tsz Ching
Before we visited the toy factory, Jetta, we did not have much knowledge about toy manufacturing. We only knew that we can buy toys for a few hundred dollars from the toy shop. After visiting Jetta, we now know that before the toys are delivered to the shop, there are many production steps. Many workers are working hard to finish the products. After the production steps, the toys are then processed in Jetta’s own laboratory, for both physical and chemical quality tests, to ensure the safety of the toys.
After this visit, I learnt that the items we use daily are produced through complicated and stringent processes. We should cherish all we have, cherish the things that are made by factory workers and respect the work that they do.

4B (9) Lee Cheuk Sze
After visiting the Jetta toy company, it has changed my ideas on factories. Before visiting Jetta, I thought a factory was very dirty, the workers had to work excessively long hours and the working conditions were very harsh. However, after visiting Jetta, I can feel the value and the care the company gives its workers. They have set up some groups and programmes to support the workers. Also, Jetta provides a lot of homely entertainment facilities for them to relax, such as a library as well as a luxurious karaoke and dancing room, and so on. I have learnt that although making a profit is important, the work life of the workers is even more important. We should have a good balance between work and play, so as to maintain a healthy workplace.

5B (7) Ho Sum Yi
After visiting Jetta, I realize that operating an industry is not an easy job. Not only do we need to maintain the productivity of the company, but also we need to take good care of the employees; it is crucial to provide them with a comfortable and pleasant working environment. In this way, workers will perform better and be more eager to finish their assigned duties. Apart from this, we also need to give chances to the disabled. From these opportunities, they can live a meaningful life. In order to strive to work for or operate an ideal company, everyone should be “Cooperative, Responsible and Innovative” which is the slogan of Jetta.
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