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After another year of joy, play and work, time has brought us back to the date where our school was born. The Founders' Day Ceremony celebrated this very day marked an unforgettable moment for all of us being members of the Methodist big family.
The ceremony began with the college hymn, which symbolized the founding of our beloved school. A welcoming speech by Rev. Yuen Tin Yau was given after that, followed by a scripture lesson by Mr.John Lok and a sermon by Rev. Lo Wai Ki. Rev. Lo has taught us a valuable lesson - a lesson that reminds us to use our consciousness to judge what's right and what's wrong, and to always stand up even when facing adversities. A prayer was given after the words of enlightenment and encouragement.
After the blessing given by the prayer, our principal, Miss Wong Pui Yi Emily, gave us the annual school report. It is a relief to hear from the principal that our students have got outstanding results academic-wise, with prominent performances in both internal and external activities. Then, Mrs. Aron Laura Liang, a proud alumna who is now the district officer of Yau Tsim Mong, addressed us with words of wisdom. She told us a story about how she had gone from the fate of almost losing a chance to study in school to the successful person she is now. We've learnt from her to stand out and make a difference in society, and to never give up on our way.
Then, we had the presentation of prizes and certificates to students who had outstanding achievements and performances last year. The highlight of the ceremony, however, was none other than the awarding of prizes for long and dedicated teachers and staff who have served and contributed much to our school. The crowd was on fire, and the quiet hall was filled with claps, cheers and even songs in an instant. Rupture filled the hall more and more, as each honorable member of our school came out one after another.
Last but not least, there was the coronation of graduates for 30, 40 and more than 50 years. The graduates were coronated with a light blue scarf with the Methodist school logo on it. The scarf is a treasure that contains the faith this school has on the graduates. Even though the alumni are no longer in service of Methodist College, this spirit of faith will always be with them hereon after.
A choir performance and a benediction marked the close of this delightful ceremony. Another year of Methodist College was written as history, and shall we go forth to another fruitful year, waiting for us,
right here, right now.
By Roger Chui and Thatcher Wong, 3W
  • Miss Lee receiving the long service for 25 years award
  • The school Choir is singing a wonderful song.
  • Outstanding students receiving scholarships
  • Our students love Miss Lau.
  • Mrs. Aron Laura Liang, our honorable guest
  • Coronation of alumni
  • Our dedicated teachers