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The first Saturday of November has always been the most important day for the school as a bunch of guests and alumni come to our school to join the Founder's Day together. After the thrilling games stall and the meaningful ceremony, here came the alumni dinner in which graduates from different years can have a reunion. As usual, the dinner was held in the lower hall and covered playground.
At the beginning, an annual report was given by the current president of the Alumni Association. Then, the election of the Alumni School Board was held with candidates from different generations. The newly elected Alumni School Board was a combination of new blood and experienced committee members.
Followed by the welcoming speech given by the Principal, Ms Wong Pui Yee, it was known that many alumni living overseas and old teachers were so enthusiastic to attend the alumni dinner. One alumnus even presented the school a special gift, a Chinese calligraphy.
Soon, the dinner began. Alumni from the same graduation year gathered at the same table chatting and enjoying the meal. The school has provided them with a valuable chance to gather together which has proved that time and distance didn't separate them.
At the end of the dinner, our alumni generously donated money to the Alumni Association. We are so touched by their generosity and support towards the school! With the laughter and chatter from different tables, the annual alumni dinner has come to an end.
Let us recall some of the unforgettable memories from different alumni!
By Kelly Wong, 5B
  • The president of the Alumni Association, Mr. Wong
  • Our Principal is giving a speech.
  • The calligraphy presented by our alumnus
  • Alumni are enjoying their meal in lower hall.
  • Alumni commemorating the precious moment
  • Alumni taking photos with teachers.