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24 F.2 students had joined a fruitful field study course – The Microscopic World, organized by the Ho Koon Nature Education cum Astronomical Centre on 20 January 2016. In the field study, students are divided into groups to collect different flower samples for investigations. They then dissected the flowers, observed the pollen grains of the flower under an electron microscope and gave presentations based on their results.

E-learning is embedded in the field study in which students recorded their work and followed some videos that guide them with the experimental procedures using the tablet. The field study also allowed students to learn science practically through plenty of hands-on experience.
  • Students were sitting in groups and listening to the instruction
  • Students were collecting flowers and making records in the field
  • Students were using a phone microscope to observe the flower
  • Students were dissecting the flower
  • Students were observing the dissected flower
  • A student was carefully taking out the stamen of the flower
  • Students were observing the operation of the electron microscope
  • Students were giving a presentation based on their findings