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I remember feeling a little nervous and a lot excited when I arrived in Hong Kong. I wasn't quite sure what to expect. But as we met the rest of the others, things seemed to just fall into place. The entire trip was incredibly organized. I was at first a bit nervous about going into a class without knowing anybody, but after a few days, I really became comfortable. I remember one of the students approached me one afternoon and asked if we could spend time talking. Everyone was incredibly nice and supportive. This program far exceeded my expectations and I would absolutely recommend it to other students from my school.

I was having an exchange program to Methodist College. It was 2 weeks’ time, from 23 November till 6 December. The teacher in charge, Mr Siu, picked us up at the airport. The school was a huge one, bigger than my current school. Mr. Siu brought us around the school, while the friendly principal explained the details to us. My host brother Simon went home with me. It just took a few minutes to reach his place. I had to thank him for carrying a 16 kg bag up to the 7th floor. I’d also like to show my appreciation to the host parents for their wonderful hospitality. The host family was nice and friendly, just like my ‘home’. Although the room wasn’t that big, it was comfortable enough with a nice view to the streets and buildings.

Students there are very hard-working and competitive. They are very enthusiastic about science and this is reflected in their laboratory work. Their hardworking and enthusiastic attitudes are something we should learn from them. For example, they do not hesitate to present their ideas in class.

Student exchange is the opportunity to do and see things you could have never dreamed of. Gain a second family, new friends and become a local in another culture. A journey of self-discovery and personal growth filled with unforgettable memories. I have gained more experience, confidence and self-dependence within this period than ever!

Wong Jun Hou (Malaysian student)