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“What a wonderful day!” I told myself while mum and I were leaving such a great school—Methodist College. Mum was staring at the memorable photo in her hand with joy and satisfaction on the way home.

The Growth Celebration Ceremony was held in the Lower Hall on 17th October, 2015. It was crowded with schoolmates, parents and teachers. The ceremony started off with a welcoming speech by Mr. Lam, our vice-principal. His beautiful voice drew all our attention. He impressed us with his meaningful story about his daughter.

The sharing session was a very touching one. It was a heart-warming occasion for us, F.1 students, to show our gratitude to our parents by presenting a letter of thanks. Parents, schoolmates and teachers went into different classrooms. We sat together and each of us came up to the front of the class to express our thanksgiving to our parents. One of my best friends burst into tears when he was describing his mischievous behavior and how his mum accepted him with unfailing love. I was so moved that I nearly cried. Then it was my turn. I was as timid as a rabbit. I had never presented my thankfulness to my parents in front of so many strangers but I did it. I was grateful for all the things my parents had done for me. The session was wrapped up when we took a picture to capture the precious moment.

Lastly, we wrote our dreams on pieces of leaf-shaped paper, and dropped them into a “time capsule box”. It was filled with our hopes, promises and self-expectations for our 6 years of education in Methodist College. The ceremony was ended with encouragement from our caring principal Miss Wong.

The programme was so meaningful. It let me know that blood is thicker than water. We shared and cared. I learnt that a friend who shares is a friend who cares. It helped bring my family members closer together. We came to know that east or west, home is best. If you were me, you would have enjoyed it as much as I did. What a fantastic day! I am thankful to all in Methodist College.
By Jason Lee 1R
  • Mr. Lam is giving a welcoming speech.
  • The touching session “Milestone of My Life”
  • Showing thanksgiving to parents!
  • Students making a wish in the time capsule
  • Blessing by our pastor!