2014-2015 Visit of Malaysian students to Methodist College ‹ BACK

Doing a study exchange is really an unforgettable experience for a secondary student, both for the learning process and the broadening of horizons.

It is the first time for me participating in a trip to Hong Kong for an exchange programme for 14 days. The first day I arrived in Hong Kong, I met my host family. They were so friendly and accepted me into their lives straight away. My host brother, who is from Methodist College, is incredible and was so helpful when I first arrived. I felt as if I belonged in the family, not just an outsider.

The next day, my host brother brought me to Methodist College. We met our buddies and also made some new friends. Everyone in the school was very friendly although we were wearing in different uniform. We were not the only exchange students here, there were some other students from different countries too.

It is so convenient in Hong Kong. I can go anywhere by public transport. The facilities in Methodist College were also quite impressive. The teaching styles were a bit different from those in Malaysia but it was still awesome.

I am really grateful to have had a chance to participate in this exchange program. I met so many great people here, and this is definitely one of the best experiences of my life. Last but not least, I would like to say THANK YOU to all the teachers, friends and my host family for taking good care of me. THANK YOU.

Chia Zheng Xi (Malaysian student)