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“Reading is a key to wisdom”, it is often said. Yet, only to feel the words with your eyes is way too far from true ‘reading’. You must discover reading by your lips! Reading aloud is often less done, but a very helpful way to get yourself into a passage.

Therefore, the English Department organizes Reading Buddies at lunchtime, inviting some senior form students as ambassadors and lead students to read passages orally and help their oral skills by commenting their fluency, accuracy and intonation.

Our English ambassadors are enthusiastic and encouraging towards some of the timid and less courageous students. They patiently corrected their pronunciation and guided the buddies to read accurately. The learning atmosphere is impressive and both junior and senior students had been doing their roles well.

The activity is certainly an opportunity to enhance the English oral skills by giving students a chance to try on reading aloud. Lastly, we ought to praise the organizers sincerely for designing such a fruitful experience. Not only gaining and improving the reading skills, we also learn the meaning behind the language well by ‘the key to wisdom’.

By Chloe Tang