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The F.2 Drama has ended, and we all had a great time during the activity. All the classes performed great and harmonic dramas which attracted us a lot.

It is a golden opportunity for students to show their creativity and enhance their imagination on writing up the scripts.

The costumes were particularly impressive. Some of them dressed up like Elsa, the Queen of Arendelle, some of them acted like Olaf and some of them dressed up like Pikachu, etc. They all showed their efforts during the preparation stage.

Not only how they dressed up was impressive, but their passion on acting and also their creative scripts were fascinating. They all tried their best to act their characters’ personalities and give the audience the best show they could have.

Besides those acting skills, students had built up their self-confidence on the stage. It is a meaningful activity to train us how to speak clearly and confidently when facing the audience on stage. Without this precious chance students develop their speaking skills on stage, too.

This form activity not only strengthens the speaking and acting skills of F.2 students but also gives an entertainment for us during the drama.

By Wong Sze Ling Sabrina (2W)
  • Four angels or devils
  • In fairy land
  • Students having military training
  • The Best Actor
  • The Best Actress